Lemon Balm Water Sun Cream

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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail :

to be discussed

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5-7 days after payment

Packaging & Description

Everyday! Always!
You must use this UV protectant!
Have you checked the ingredients
Before selecting sun cream?

  1. Contains no chemical UV blockers only contains naturral ingredients to reflect UV rays
  2. Contains lemon balm water for the expression of soft and invigorated skin
  3. Choose fro 6 different types just right for your skin type and skin tone
  4. Provides the functions of makeup base which will make skin one tone brighter

1. Sun cream adheres closely to skin
Contains 15% lemon balm water to relieve skin and make makeup application easy Lemon Balm Water Sun Cream!

2. Inorganic UV protectant containing natural ingredients

3. Triple functions approved bt the KFDA UV protection is fundamental also whitens and provides wrinkle diminishing effects?

4. Natural Safety System Offered by Makeup Helper


Country : South Korea
Address : 1115 Kumgang Penterium IT Tower, 282 Hagui-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si Gyeonggi-do
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