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Min Order: 11 Acre/Acres
The product production line is advanced and complete, ensuring the ability to deliver products on time.
Min Order: 11 Acre/Acres
With stable performance and superior cost performance, our products are sold well in domestic and foreign markets.
Min Order: 11 Acre/Acres
Accumulating the rich experience in the production technology and the management possessing one batch of high qualities technica
Min Order: 12 Acre/Acres
Rubber sealing strips Manufacturers Haining Yaoming Rubber Corporation Ltd. is a professional China Rubber sealing strips Manufa
Min Order: 11 Acre/Acres
Advanced industry group provides advantages for company’s technology creation, offers essential support for the master
Min Order: 11 Acre/Acres
Cixi Yundie Bearing Co., Ltd is famous China 6202 ZZ Deep Groove Ball Bearings Suppliers and 6202 ZZ Bearings wholesalers
Min Order: 10 Gill/Gills
WHAT PRODUCTS CAN YOU PROVIDE? We mainly produce Copper strip for radio frequency cable,Cable strip of leakage, Copper strip for
Min Order: 11 Gross
Currently, it is one of the largest copper strips manufacturers in Jiangsu province and one of the largest pure copper strip
Min Order: 11 Bushel/Bushels
It is mainly used to manufacture outer covering cladding layer of copper-clad aluminium conductor.
Min Order: 11 Case/Cases
Per to over 11 years experience,we could also provide metal surface treatment
Min Order: 11 Blade/Blades
Metal spinning is also known as spin forming. It is a process where a tube or a disc of metal
Min Order: 1 Acre/Acres
Machining CNC lathe,CNC teeth machine,Gear hobbing machine,CNC milling&turning machine,Grinding machine,Grooving machine,Slottin
Min Order: 11 Acre/Acres
Machining CNC lathe,CNC teeth machine,Gear hobbing machine,CNC milling&turning machine,Grinding machine,Grooving machine,Slottin
Min Order: 11 Bushel/Bushels
Outdoor Cooling Systems Anti Drip Water Spray Nozzle Nozzle model NO.: HH-HN-NPNC-22 Thread: 10/24 UNC, 12/24 UNC, M5.
Min Order: 11 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
The stainless steel compression fittings is using #304 or #316 material in the high pressure mist cooling outdoor cooling
Min Order: 11 Bushel/Bushels
We can provide all technical support for customers, provide a complete set of solutions, reduce costs while improving efficiency
Min Order: 11 Acre/Acres
Weishida Group is on the basis of Zhejiang Weishida Printing Co., Ltd., which has become an international top brand of thermal
Min Order: 11 Mile/Miles
Y-type centrifugal o i I pump is used to transport: o i I and its products without soI id particles. The temperature of the medi
Min Order: 100 Pack/Packs
The company's superior geographical location and excellent management team reduce transportation and labor costs;
Min Order: 100 Acre/Acres
Mould name 72 cavity preform mould for 30/25 Neck 11.5g Preform Mould cavity 72 cavity Neck finish 30/25 Neck finish Preform wei
Min Order: 100 Meter/Meters
Запасные части гирационная дробилка Эксцентрик OEM- Эксцентрик
Min Order: 200 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 3.109936  -  3 /Piece/Pieces
Stainless steel is one of the most widely used and versatile type of steel.
Min Order: 10 Acre/Acres
Applicable Metallurgy, Cement Plant, Fertilizer, And High-temperature Environment.
Min Order: 100 Case/Cases
We have advance dynamic test machine ,static test machine ,salt spray test machine and R&D personnel
Min Order: 400 Acre/Acres
2-VESSEL, 3-VESSEL, 4-VESSEL 5-20 HL PRODUCTION Electric /Steam / Direct Fire Brewhouse Modular installation, PLC control ,
Min Order: 15000 Unit/Units
FOB Price : EUR 1000  -  10000 /Acre/Acres
Shenyang No.1 Pump Co., Ltd (original Shenyang Pump Manufactory China), hereafter referred as “SYFP”, is one of the key enterpri
Min Order: 10 Acre/Acres
Graphite electrodes are used mainly in ladle furnaces,electric-arc furnace steelmaking,Yellow phosphorus furnace , Industrial si
Min Order: 80 Acre/Acres
China Hand Glove Knitting Machine Manufacturers,Sport Socks Knitting Machine Suppliers.
Min Order: 1 Set/Sets
FOB Price : EUR 25592.28  -  29248 /Set/Sets
EPS recycling machine
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 3.12957  -  4 /Piece/Pieces
Big Blue polyester pleated cartridges offer high retention efficiency.
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 2.135127  -  3 /Piece/Pieces
Standard Felt Liquid Filter Bags are made of high quality polypropylene, polyester & Nomexfelt materials.
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 0.9871308  -  2 /Piece/Pieces
Carbon block cartridges are highly effective in removing odour, bad taste, chlorine spores and microorganisms in water.
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 0.643463  -  2 /Piece/Pieces
PP String Wound Cartridge Filters are manufactured by honeycomb construction with FDA approved polypropylene wound yarn material
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 0.365604  -  1 /Piece/Pieces
PP melt blown cartridges are economical and classical filter media, widely used in liquid prefiltration industries.
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 17.54899  -  19 /Piece/Pieces
Backwashable PP Pleated Cartridges are mainly designed for power plant condensed water filtration.
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 0.731208  -  2 /Piece/Pieces
PET pleated cartridges are produced using 100% synthetic fibers.
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 3.65604  -  5 /Piece/Pieces
Absolute PP pleated cartridges are offered in absolute rate Beta 5000(to 99.98%) retention efficiencies.
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 2.924832  -  5 /Piece/Pieces
PP Pleated Cartridge Filters are made of Polypropylene fiber media.
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 32.17315  -  34 /Piece/Pieces
One piece Size 2 high flow pleated bag filters replaces up to 16pcs standard 10"(254mm) depth filters, making change-outs quick.

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