. Incontra nuovi Buyer e vendi i tuoi prodotti in tutto il mondo. Trova produttori e fornitori affidabili per il tuo business. Entra in Touch4bi

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Selling tools
Selling tools
 Touch4biz brings you the best tools for sourcing the best buyers and making your business grow. 
You will receive access to: 
  • Your own profile where buyers can discover YOU.
  • Translation services to enable you to trade globally.
  • Requests for Quotes in real time.
  • Ability to send offers to buyers without waiting for a request.
  • Direct contact with buyers.
  • Posting of X amount of products or services for free.
  • Multi lingual profile so buyers from all over the world can understand what you have to offer.
  • Complete member care in any time zone.
  • Buyers with feedback from suppliers like you to remove any risk.
  • Advertising and marketing opportunities.
  • A chance to increase your exposure and SEO efforts.
  • Dedicated custom support when you need it most.
 Sign up   as a supplier now or contact us to learn more or start now to do biz: 
  • Post Direct offer.
  • Create your global free website.
  • Display new products product.

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