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Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 32.17315  -  34 /Piece/Pieces
One piece Size 2 high flow pleated bag filters replaces up to 16pcs standard 10"(254mm) depth filters, making change-outs quick.
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 33.63557  -  35 /Piece/Pieces
Pleated High Flow Cartridges are designed to be used in different filter housings which install 1 to 37 pieces cartridge filters
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 64.3463  -  66 /Piece/Pieces
High Flow Pleated Cartridges have high particle removal efficiency and strong contaminant holding capability.
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 29.97953  -  32 /Piece/Pieces
Pleated High Flow Filters are made of advanced polypropylene microfiber, pleated filters are Parker high flow water filters.
Min Order: 2 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 29.97953  -  32 /Piece/Pieces
The large diameter geometrical design of polypropylene pleated high flow filter cartridges enlarge surface filtration area.
Min Order: 1 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 7.312079  -  7 /Piece/Pieces
China acrylic (AC) filter bag supplier offers customized acrylic filter bag, polyacrylonitrile (PAN) filter bag for cement plant
Min Order: 1000 Ton/Tons
FOB Price : EUR 731.2079  -  1096 /Ton/Tons
SSAW Steel Pipe(Spiral Submerged Arc Pipe) Sizes: Out diameter:219mm-3620mm Wall thickness: 5mm-25.4mm Length: 3m-12m
Min Order: 1000 Ton/Tons
FOB Price : EUR 534.665  -  801 /Ton/Tons
Seamless Steel Pipe/Tube (SMLS Pipe/Tube) Sizes: Out diameter: 1/2"-28" Wall thickness:2.77mm-25mm Length:3m-12m
Min Order: 1 Set/Sets
Buy Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine from JX Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in China, for surface profiling, removing rust.
Min Order: 1 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
FOB Price : EUR 36.5604  -  365 /Metric Ton/Metric Tons
Rail Steel Grit from JX Abrasives Manufacturer in China, rail steel grit, high Mn contain (0.7-1.5%), angular sharp

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