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Min Order: 20 Acre/Acres
Geogrids and geocell is a kind of geosynthetic material that used to reinforce soils.
Min Order: 20 Acre/Acres
Spring semicircle tube, also known as soft semicircle pipe, semicircle drainpipe, omega type soft semicircle drainpipe.
Min Order: 20 Acre/Acres
Plastic blind drain is also called blind ditch or under drain. It is made of plastic core and outer filtering cloth.
Min Order: 20 Acre/Acres
Geomembrane liners is also called impervious membrane. With geotechnical cloth as the conduct water layer.
Min Order: 20 Acre/Acres
Long fiber geotextile fabric is prescribed by the state, a kind of new construction material that used for civil engineering.
Min Order: 20 Acre/Acres
PVC geomembrane is polyvinyl chloride waterproof board. It is a kind of superior quality, high polymer waterproof sheet.
Min Order: 20 Acre/Acres
EVA geomembrane is a new type of synthetic polymer waterproof coiled material, which is made of EVA sheets as base material.
Min Order: 20 Acre/Acres
HDPE geomembrane is a kind of PE geomembrane, HDPE is the abbreviation of high density polyethylene.
Min Order: 20 Acre/Acres
Rubber waterstop intersection is made from natural rubber or synthetic rubber, adding various additives and fillers.
Min Order: 20 Acre/Acres
P type rubber waterstop, also named gate seal, is a key part for hydropower project gate to ensure sluice sealed.

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