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Min Order: 12 Acre/Acres
Automatic Carton Box Print & Gluing Machine Shanghai Jinchang Carton Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a famous China carton gl
Min Order: 500 Kilogram/Kilograms
FOB Price : EUR 0.9505703  -  1 /Kilogram/Kilograms
Material: HDPE/LDPE/MDPE Quality: virgin/ recycle/ bio Sample time: 7days Production time: 25days
Min Order: 1 Foot/Feet
we are group of companies involved in scrap paper and scrap metal business we can offer quite a number of waste paper ranging fr
Min Order: 2000 Meter/Meters
FOB Price : EUR 0.1497062  -  0 /Meter/Meters
Door frame is soft wall decorative lines to wrap wall,which is the frame, glass slide,edge and end cap parts for door board.The
Min Order: 2000 Meter/Meters
FOB Price : EUR 0.1497062  -  0 /Meter/Meters
The easily installed WPC panel with heat transferred surface suitable for decoration of home, shopping malls, hotels, restaurant
Min Order: 2000 Meter/Meters
FOB Price : EUR 0.2047382  -  1 /Meter/Meters
Characteristics of Wood grain transfer foil, transfer the wood grain pattern onto the workpiece surface by heat transfer. Not ea
Min Order: 2000 Meter/Meters
FOB Price : EUR 0.2047382  -  1 /Meter/Meters
The baseboard is special words for decoration. Concave line, waist line and skirting line play visual balance in bedroom design,
Min Order: 2000 Meter/Meters
FOB Price : EUR 0.1497062  -  0 /Meter/Meters
Floor transfer foil is Heat transfer film specially used for MDF flooring, laminate flooring and WPC floor, adhesive used for ho
Min Order: 2000 Meter/Meters
FOB Price : EUR 0.1094664  -  0 /Meter/Meters
WPC transfer foil is mainly used on the WPC surface transfer for environmental protection new materials, such as surface transfe
Min Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
FOB Price : EUR 10  -  1 /Carton/Cartons
It is made by Polystyrene

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