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Supplier: GEMAR SRL
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Europe >Italy >Casalvieri (Fr) Italy
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Via Colle Marracone Casalvieri (Fr) Italy Italy
Year Established
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Address : Europe >Italy >Casalvieri (Fr) Italy
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directoryAngelo Rocca, born in 1884 and who lost his father at the age of 16 months, emigrated to France with his family at the age of 4 to help his brother in law, a manufacturer of handmade balloons in Marseille. In Marseille began his career, moving quickly from a street vendor to an artisanal balloon manufacturer. At only 15 years of age he began to manage the laboratory and supply the best shops in Marseille. Two years later he decided to return to his town of origin, Casalvieri to create the basis for his balloon manufacturing company.

exportersIt was 1902 and thus the centennial history of the first Italian production of balloons began.

Angelo began to sell balloons all over the country but also in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The production was still small-scale, "handmade", and the process of working was very long and complicated. He then began to seek a solution to automate the process.

This happened in 1972, thanks to Genesio Rocca, Angelo's son, who in 1953 had founded the company “Cav. Genesio Rocca" and transformed the company from artisan to an industrial reality. Since then the technology combined with the vast technical know how of the Rocca family is what still makes Gemar’s balloons a unique product.

Angelo RoccaworldwideIn 1977 Angelo, the firstborn of Genesio, took over the reins of the company and in 1990 founded Gemar Ltd. a solid business activity through which the group has now won the undisputed leadership in the global market.

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