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Prospect Lead Generation And Automation Marketing
How to convert views into sales.
Touch4Biz is an advanced implement for B2B. Our aim is to put customers and suppliers in contact using the most simple and direct way possible. Today, our cutting-edge platform for meeting supply and demand has added a new, excellent service, essential for developing your business. A visitor identification service.
The views that reach the platform and consequently your company's products are imperative. However, we realize that not all views are transformed into purchases. Analyzing this data is essential to understand the type of visitor and their origin. But this kind of analysis is already supplied by many providers. The next step is to know the identity of those who view your product and your web pages.
So Touch4Biz offers you the chance to get in touch with the visitors to convert views into sales. You can see in real time who are the companies that are visiting your webpage, access their contacts and based on this propose offers and quotations.
You can see how long the visitor spends on each page of your website, important information, because the customer could likewise quickly visit many other sites, whereas having the possibility of direct contact and opening communication is an advantage over your competitors and an essential support in increasing your turnover. This service allows you to:
  • Identify and obtain data
  • Make contact and begin negotiations
  • Conclude the sale or adjourn for future contact
 Imagine an empty store where customers come to look around but cannot find anyone to interact with. Many e-commerce platforms can be compared to this. Whereas with Touch4Biz you can communicate with your customers and start a comprehensive and long-lasting business relationship.
Why is it important to know who views your products?
In addition to possible instant sales, knowing who is visiting your webpages is also important in other respects. We have all defined a target and address a particular type of customer. However, analyzing the trend of visits together with the identity of visitors can provide a lot of useful information that we had not previously calculated.
We may discover that certain companies in sectors that we hadn’t even considered are interested in our products. We can see if some geographical areas that we had discarded are an important point to reconsider. We can verify which products, in our catalogue, are viewed the most, by whom, and at what times.
Besides converting the views into sales, the visitor identification service is important to understand the lack of sales. If companies visit our product, but do not buy it, we will never know why. Getting in touch with them and adding important data to our analysis in order to understand if we have a problem with the price, quantity, presentation or description of the product, or if our competitors are doing better.
The new B2B marketing
The analysis of anonymous views is now outdated, take your B2B marketing to the next level and obtain valuable information for your business.
The system identifies exactly who has visited your page. It could be the director of the company, a secretary or the purchasing manager. You will have their email contact. So you can adjust your proposal and dealings depending on who you are communicating with.
You can create a database of contact details linking them to the details from the views received and your products. You will have an integrated system that will allow you to better manage your sales, whether you are a small business or a large corporation.
With Touch4Biz you can put a face and a name to your anonymous visitors and soon you can convert views into sales.
To take advantage of these innovative and cutting edge services, you just need to subscribe to the B2B Touch4Biz platform that, unlike other possible competitors in PROSPECT LEAD GENERATION, does not require any code to be made or installed on your web site, a difficult procedure that would not give any individual the possibility to have access to this important information to increase the sales of its products.
Touch4Biz aims to simplify this step, to allow large producers as well as small companies the chance to keep up with the times and increase profits.
Furthermore, in this way you can have free access to the platform, which proves to be the only one in the world to have integrated the services, B2B with the identification of visitors to your own website and MARKETING AUTOMATION.
Let us linger on this last point, MARKETING AUTOMATION, which has as its main objective the automation of marketing procedures for your company, the end purpose being optimizing the conversion process of leads. In practice thanks to this service any possible leads will be analyzed, so that emails will be sent which have been personalized based on a previously carried out analysis, at the right time and in the right way, with the aim of converting these leads into potential buyers. Numerous benefits can be made from it, from saving time and energy, obviously there will be an initial cost for this type of service, but you can benefit from lasting cost savings over time, as there is no longer the need to rely on external marketing companies or third parties.
In a society like the one we live in, where technology and innovations make great strides, we must adapt and keep pace, Touch4Biz can help in all of this with a simple registration.
Too many people know exactly what they are not able to achieve, just because over time it has been said what they cannot do, however Touch4Biz now wants to remind everyone of you what it is possible to achieve thanks to this platform.
Believe in your success and in your products and you will already be half-way there, Touch4Biz will take care of the rest!

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