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Supplier: Yunnan Yuanjin Optical Co., Ltd.
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Location :
Asia >China (Mainland) >Kunming
Address :
Kegao Road, Xinyushengjin neighbor, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Provin Kunming China (Mainland)
Year Established
Year Established :
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Company location :
Address : Asia >China (Mainland) >Kunming
Company Description :
Yunnan North Optical Electron Group Co., Ltd. restructured in 2006 and set up several subsidiaries. Yunnan Yuanjin Optics Co., Ltd. belongs to the China Weapon Corporation (formerly 298 factory) Yunnan North Optical Electron Group Co., Ltd., which is first optical institution to conquer dynamic optical subject in China. Yunnan Yuanjin Optics Co., Ltd. has been engaged in researching, developing, selling and exporting optical products for a long time. We gradually establish the style of our own brands in the market after 13 years of continuous development and innovation. The company has main brands like Panda and Outlook. Panda is the most influential optical brand in China. Outlook is the extension brand of panda, inheriting the consistent high quality of panda. After continuous innovation and blending in the essence of dynamic optics Outlook optical products is cutting-edge products in Chinese optical field now.

Yunnan Yuanjin Optics Co., Ltd. is a modernization enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. We have established long-term cooperation with lots of companies because of abundant strength, reasonable price, excellent service. Our main products includes military binoculars, panda telescopes, high power binoculars, waterproof binoculars, magnifier, LLL night vision, infrared thermal night vision binoculars, biological microscope series. We have established long-term stable with the public security forces, police, forest-fire prevention department, power system and schools. Our main products 62 style and 98 style military binoculars have obtained recognition for years.

Our company developed Hunter series binoculars in 2013, which fill up the mid-range binoculars market between military and civilian binoculars. The Hunter series binoculars includes7X50,7X28,8x30,8x40,15x50,10x50MS,10X42and10X42C. Hunter series binoculars has the advantages of small volume, portable, waterproof, with compass, high-definition, which is suitable for outdoor use and well-received in market.

For the concept of advocating nature, loving outdoors and enjoying life, we developed Traveler series binoculars in 2014. Traveler binoculars are developed and designed for the latest national market. The series of binoculars are as good as foreign famous brand, which have exquisite appearance, clear imaging,use large eyepieces and adopt environmental protection rubber material, which fully comply with the relevant national standards and get through the SGS certification. The Traveler series low power binoculars include model of 8x32, 7X35, 8x40, which are small in size, large field of view, portable and comfortable viewing. The Traveler series high power binoculars include model of 7 X50, 10X50, 12X50, 16X50, which have a more professional outfit, larger field of view and higher magnification, helping you overlook the distant scenery.

Yunnan Yuanjin Optics Co., Ltd., locates in Kunming, Yunnan Province, the birthplace of Chinese optics, with abundant resources. There is rich optical culture heritage and the oath of older generation of Chinese optical industry pioneer that builds here as oriental Zeiss inspires generations of successors. Here is full of optical talent and advantageous natural conditions, and many of the first in Chinese optics field was born here. Our target is to be the first brand in field of Chinese outdoor binoculars. And our vision is to l ook far ahead, aim high and look around the world.

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